Non-Profits are different.
So why hire the same?

Finally, an HR hiring platform just for me
and my organization’s needs!

Focus on your mission, not paperwork.

You didn’t go into the non-profit industry to shuffle your paperwork. You did it to make a difference!

Now is the time to get back to making a difference. We have spent some time in your offices, in the field with you, and learning alongside you. We have heard about your mission and seen the difference that you make in the world. We saw first hand your challenges and frustrations. Then we came back to our offices and customized our software (and our pricing!) to be a better fit for you.

Let us automate and streamline the amount of time you spend hiring so you can get back to what matters… the people. And don’t worry, our pricing is non-profit friendly, and CFO approved!

“It has greatly enhanced our recruiting process. It is a very user-friendly system. Our favorite features include the ability to add screening questions, the ability to send automated emails and it has made reference checking a breeze!”

– Jana Henry, SPHR YMCA Florida’s First Coast

“The system has helped us take our recruitment and hiring process from one that was manual, inefficient, and paper-heavy to one that is not only more efficient but also makes it easier to track and obtain metrics. The system is very user-friendly, customizable and has several very useful features. The icing on the cake is the high-quality customer service. Do yourself a favor and get a demo! You’ll be glad you did.”

– Tamara Rasberry, HR Generalist NCRC

Explore non-profit hiring solutions by role.

Simplify your Non-Profit Hiring.
Return to what matters.

Stretch the donor dollars further by automating.
Ditch the spreadsheets, the casting calls, and stacks of paper.