Think of us as your non-profit sidekick!

Even Batman needed a Robin. We’ve got your back!

What we care about: You!

Count on us.

With a strong initiative in place to get to know our customers, we came across a growing number of non-profit organizations that were counting on us to simplify their hiring process. We were happy with the relationship and come to find out, they were as well!

This group of non-profit organizations is driven by something greater, a mission, a purpose. We admired these qualities and wanted to learn more, understand more, and to help in our own little way.

We listened to you.

As we listened, we learned that non-profits have their own set of unique challenges when it comes to recruiting. We set out to let our non-profit friends know that you are not alone. We can help. In fact, you could say it is our own personal mission.

We are saving the sanity of non-profit organizations, one HR department at a time.

Our team.




But we are backed up by an entire team of people that will ensure you have an awesome hiring experience.

Non-profit hiring and outreach is not all that we do.
It is part of what makes us happy!

Our parent company, ApplicantPro, is pretty cool with some pretty cool accomplishments. They support us, allow us to use their killer software to help non-profits improve their hiring, and allowed us to create a solution that is just right for you. Here are some noteworthy things worth bragging about.

29,000 Active Jobs

4 million job seekers
every month

3,000+ Clients

3x Inc. 5000 Winner

Founded 2006