Since the beginning of time (or job ad time), we have been accustomed to the hiring process being long, tedious, and nerve wracking. Typically HR has this idea hiring someone should be this long process that will scare the “bad ones” away.

First, you should make sure your resume is attached and then fill out their online application with everything that you just put on your resume.

Then, you ask a variety of questions about your experience.

And then, just when the applicant thinks that they are done with this process there is another list of questions that you need to answer as truthfully as possible. There usually are about 50-75 questions which are all essentially ask for the same thing in a variety of different ways. If the applicant finishes this then this must mean that they are serious about this position.

I wish HR knew how wrong they are about this.

In this day in age most of us aren’t even at a computer all the time, because everyone has miniature sized one in our pockets! Most applicants who are out there looking for a job are doing this on mobile device. These ancient techniques could be driving away some potential applicants by making this process long and unbearable. What does it say about your company if just filling out the initial application takes a large chunk out of their day? There are some things you can do to switch this process up and attract the types of people you want working for your business.

Are these five things scaring away potential applicants?

1. Long initial applications!

Have them attach their resume file, maybe answer a couple initial questions about their experience and then SUBMIT. Great- DONE! Save the long process of answering personality type questions for when they are closer in the hiring process. Take a look at their resume and experience questions, if you like what you see, then give them or call or text (yes, text). It doesn’t have to be a long exhausting process to hire someone. Save the more in-depth questions for later, it will be a lot less stressful if you and the candidate aren’t both already exhausted when the process has barely begun.

which then brings us to …

2. Hiding your Careers section on your website

Make your job posts are easy to access. I have seen several home pages where I have tried to search where to apply for a job and it took far too long to find. Being able to access a careers page should not be a difficult thing. Why not put it on a place in a spot right next to your locations, hours, and mission? Your team is just as important as the rest of these.

3 . Not writing an engaging job ad

This could possibly be the most important one! Any organization has the opportunity to create a fabulous job ad in a way that can attract some great applicants. However, I have come across a multitude of job ads that come off in at least one of two ways. Here are a couple of examples:

a) As if your company doesn’t really care and just needs to fill a gap in one their shifts.

The ad is very short and not specific. Instead of hiring for a specific day or night shift, they put both, so the applicant really doesn’t know which shift they are applying for. This can easily turn away applicants, a lot of great applicants are busy people and aren’t neccessarlily willing to apply for something so mysterious.


b) Your ad comes off slightly intimidating or threatening.

Some ads come of as threatening and it may be a way to “weed out the bad applicants” but they are actually doing a great job of weeding out everyone all together. Why would anyone want to work for your company that uses intimidating techniques? If you’re doing this; CHANGE IT- CHANGE IT NOW. (does the all caps and tone make you want to take my advice?)

4.  Not putting the salary in the job ad

This one can be controversial. However, I see several job descriptions where the pay rate is not stated. Why not be transparent about this from the beginning? How frustrating and exhausting when you have taken time to meet with someone and then the potential person turns it down because the pay was not at all what was expected. There is always room for negotiation but at the same time it shouldn’t be a total mystery. This gives some time to plan and think through the job opportunity a bit more.

5. Not using Social Media

This can work back to being relatable to the generation you are hiring. Can you imagine what posting your job openings are social media could not only mean for your business but also for your team? Social media is already being used for recruiting. There are some upsides for those who follow your Nonprofit’s page who already support your organization and are inspired by your mission.  These passive applicants could potentially end up being part of your team. Now, social media should not be the only way that you are posting your jobs, but it’s definitely the cherry on top.

These could definitely be part of what is hurting your hiring process and attracting the right applicants for your positions. Remember you don’t have to go through this alone. Applicant tracking systems such as ApplicantPro can help you from beginning to end in your hiring process which can save you headaches in hassles in the hiring process. Check them out and schedule a free demo!