Pricing Guaranteed to Fit Your Budget!

Our system is reasonably priced for all sizes of non-profits.

Smaller non-profits, who don’t hire regularly, might opt to pay for our system on a “per job” basis. Pricing per job ranges from $49 to $99 per job posting, and includes complete access to all of our job boards and hiring software features.

Larger non-profits, who hire consistently, tend to opt for a monthly subscription plan. Our subscription pricing is set based on your employee size, and ranges from $80 to $290 per month.

Our boss says that he loves the work that non-profits do in the local communities they serve, so we offer non-profit discounts to help you stretch your budget as far as it can go.


To get a down-to-the-penny quote, so that you can take it to management to get budget approval, just fill out our form.

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