Explore Non-Profit Hiring by Roles

Non-Profit Hiring for Human Resources

You have a lot to get done. What can we say? You are overworked, underpaid, and are expected to perform miracles on a daily basis. Isn’t that the truth? Let us help! We can’t take the expectation of miracles away but we can simplify your Non-Profit Hiring and Recruiting processes so you are able to focus elsewhere.

Non-Profit Hiring for CFOs and CEOs

Extremely Affordable With a Non-Profit Discount Attached We understand that each dollar spent is a dollar you and your team need to raise to keep growing your organization. Because of this, we offer one of the most affordable Hiring Software platforms on the market today with a 30-day free trial and no contracts (ever).

Non-Profit Hiring for Hiring Managers

You are the lifeblood of any hiring process. Although it is generally viewed as an HR function, hiring managers are essential to any hiring process. After all, this new hire will be your day-to-day responsibility. She can strengthen the culture of your department. Or she won’t. You are the one that understands the true responsibilities.